Blacksmith Forge

Hereford's Home of Blacksmiths

With perhaps the most extensive choice of forging equipment and facilities in the county, we'll help you'll get a solid start to any blacksmith project.

Hereford Make has been created to give you an efficient, flexible and cost-effective forging centre where you can bring your designs and ideas to life.

We'll show you how to use our equipment safely and our technicians are always on hand to offer any support and guidance you might need.

Hereford Make is the perfect place to develop your skills, so whether you a complete beginner, working through a balcksmithing course and need extra practice time on a project or an experienced smithy, we're here to help.

Our Equipment

Our forge with welding and fabrication facilities includes:


  • 3x double hearth forges

  • 6x 153 kg Swiss-like pattern anvils with stands

  • 3x leg vices

  • gas furnace

  • plasma cutter

  • linisher

  • pillar drill (gear driven)

  • power hammer

  • propane torch
  • belt grinder
  • induction heater
  • welder MMA MIG

  • 25 ton hydraulic press

  • 45 ton hydraulic crop with a selection of punches

  • oxy-Acetylene torch

  • variety of hand tools

Watch our equipment in action

Forging Press

Our Coal Iron Works 25 tonne Forging Press (22.6 ton) is surprisingly powerful and allows for a massive increase in the size of material forge-able

Power Hammer

Our Tire Power Hammer from Dave Preston, offers a small footprint with outstanding control and surprising power for such a compact machine

Induction Heater

Our Induction Heater provides a faster, more efficient heat process in forging applications by precisely targetting an area with exacting control over the heated area.

One Punch Press

Striking Iron

Workshop charges that won't break the bank

  • Blacksmithing (calendar month) £200 + £20 consumables fee + £20 gas fee. 
  • Studio  – £75 per calendar month
  • £25 evenings (6-9pm) or ½ a day hire
  • £50 for 1 day hire
  • £60 for ½ a day group activity
  • £100 for 1 day group activity
  • £300 for evening and weekend access for full time students for the academic year


All prices exclude materials, consumables and fuel unless stated otherwise.

The perfect place for students & start-ups

If you a student in Blacksmithing and need more forge time to develop your skills or complete a project, then Hereford Make has the equipment you'll need and we're also open evenings and weekends. 

And if you're starting up a business and money is tight, our extra value workshop packages can make all the difference in getting you up and running in no time at all.

Try a taster session at Hereford Make

If you're thinking about a career in Blacksmithing or perhaps just wanted to know what's it's like to make something out of metal, then one of our Taster Sessions could be just for you.

We offer taster sessions covering a wide range of different processes, techniques and skills, giving you the opportunity to explore what suits and interests you the most.

Get in touch with us to find out when we're holding our next event

“It’s so useful to have other smiths that you can learn new things from and I've learnt an alternative method to welding that I didn’t know about before. It’s also good to have non-smiths around, so that I can chat about what other people are doing”.

Ben Quick, The Quick Blacksmith