Hereford's Creative Centre

flexible, affordable workshop and studio space for blacksmiths, creatives and designers

The creative hub that works for you

Our creative hub takes care of everything - from the equipment you want to the expert support that you need - and with our flexible terms you can rent space or just a work bench from just a couple of hours to how ever long you need. At Hereford Make we'll help you can focus on developing your creative talent.


With perhaps the most extensive choice of forging equipment and facilities in the county, we'll help you'll get a solid start to any blacksmith project


Our fully equiped photo and video studio is the ideal place to capture stunning digital pictures of your work and create amazing images


Our affordable, flexible studio spaces and communial work benches will help you explore and expand your creativity

Our Community

Our community of blacksmiths and creative artists provides welcome support as well as the opportunity to establish joint ventures, successful collaborations and economies of scale.

And by working closely with the wider community we'll help you reach to develop your creative skills, so matter your experince you'll have access to our extensive range of resources and we're always on hand to offer any support that you need.

Try us out

We offer taster sessions covering a wide range of different processes, techniques and skills, giving you the opportunity to explore what suits and interests you the most.

They are particularly useful if you're thinking of making blacksmithing a career and can be used to supplement existing education and training courses.

Affordable workshop in a convenient location, with easy access to facilities where you can discuss ideas with and receive critical feedback. It's great to have  a diverse artistic community to discuss and develop ideas.”

Alex Sellers, Sellers Blacksmithing